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Introducing mootools.tipsy

Updated 08/22/2011 to version 1.0 After developing this blog I was introduced to tipsy a very popular jQuery plugin. I was so impressed with it that I thought I would take a look to see if anyone has ported it to mooTools. After poking around the “interwebs” i couldn’t find anything that I thought was close enough… So I though I would go ahead and bang out the code. No CSS styles or Images required […]


Introducing mooTypewriter a Mootools Typewriter Class

One of the really cool things about Mootools, jQuery or almost any other javascript library or framework of your choice is the really cool effects you can create within your projects. Whether your trying to create a cool effect over an image, think flash banner javascript replacement, or if your simply trying to update the very stale non compliant html marquee, this solution may work well for you. Download, documentation and demo links will be […]

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