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Some times you run across items on the internet that are so life changing that you have to stop everything and share the knowledge.

Well this is one of those tidbits that will surely save me time every single week.

Normally when a designer hands off a photoshop file to me to extract one graphic to replace another on the web, or a simple element slices are way over kill. Plus more and more all graphics are moving towards transparent PNG’s. Well these layers may have countless other layers behind them that have to be hidden, than you have to re-size the canvas possibly many times. If there is a shadow or blur within the element you may have to change your transparency settings so you don’t loose and pixels in the process. MAN! what a head ache.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if the was a one click solution that just does this for you? Well thanks to James Brocklehurst there is make sure to check out http://www.mightymeta.co.uk/photoshop-action-selected-layers-to-web-export-in-one-click/

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  • It`s no longer available on that site. Can you please give us a mirror?

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