PHP Get URI Segment(s)

Here is a set of two php functions that I use regularly to quickly get a specific URI segment or return all segments available.

These are very helpful if you have written or are writing your own custom SEF urls


function getUriSegments() {
	return explode("/", parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PHP_URL_PATH));

function getUriSegment($n) {
	$segs = getUriSegments();
	return count($segs)>0&&count($segs)>=($n-1)?$segs[$n]:'';


How to use:


// if the url is http://www.timwickstrom.com/foo/bar/wow

echo getUriSegment(1); //returns foo
echo getUriSegment(2); //returns bar

print_r(getUriSegments()); //returns array(0=>'foo', 1=>'bar', 2=>'wow')


Happy Coding!

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  • thanks dude! :)

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  • Very nice, much appreciated.

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